Welcome to TRIAX 2015

TRIAX 2015 is a brand that is the culmination of more than 30 years of dedication to technical excellence and injury prevention through compliance with Standards throughout the world. It all began with an idea that Paul J. Hogan had which garnered a grant from the US CDC, leading to development of a portable test device to protect children and reduce injury severity.


TRIAX Training & Standards

Canadian Playground Advisory has through its involvement in standards development become award of performance requirements that need to be measured in the field. There are devices that have been designed and manufactured by Canadian Playground Advisory Inc. and others that are recommended and information and links are provided to the manufacture.

Additional Surface measuring devices can be purchased from Canadian Playground Advisory. Devices include

  • Surface Depth Gauge
  • Accessibility Vertical Change in Level Gauge
  • 3M (10’) Sectional Straightedge
  • 1524mm (5’) Sectional Straightedge
  • Calibrated Trolley
  • Manual Drop Test Device