traix 2015 impact tester

TRIAX Impact Tester

The TRIAX 2015 system is the latest evolution of playground surface impact test systems fully compliant with American (ASTM F1292) European (EN1177) and many other (CSA, AUS) standards for the measurement of shock (G) and head injury criteria (HIC) values as would be experienced.

triax 2015 a-missle system

TRIAX A-Missile System 

The TRIAX 2015 A-MISSILE system is the latest evolution of the TRIAX family of playing surface impact test systems that is wireless and fully compliant with the ASTM F355-10, procedure A standard for the measurement of shock (Gmax) values.

triax 2015 swing seat tester

TRIAX Swing Seat Tester 

TRIAX 2015 Swing Seat Impact Tester a free hanging spherical head form for impact testing of swing seats and related articles, compliant with ASTM F1487, En1176-2 and AS4685-6. Compatible with new TRIAX 2015 and the existing TRIAX 2010 hand held…